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ASR College of Engineering

Akula Sree Ramulu College of Engineering was established in 1998 with a vision to impart quality education and to make engineering education accessible to young students from rural areas. ASR College of Engineering has established itself as one of the top engineering college in Andhra Pradesh. ASR College of Engineering has been getting accolades for its high standard of teaching and support it offers to the student community.

ASR College of Engineering is situated in Tetali, Tanuku, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, in a sprawling 20.25 acres of land beside National Highway 5, just 2 km away from Bus stand and Railway station.

ASR College of Engineering aims to foster creativity through discovery, analysis and the dissemination of knowledge. We educate our students to be problem solvers and we encourage collaborative work to create research of value. We help students to develop new thinking for both themselves and the subject they study and we seek to give our students the best experience through the best staff, the best services and the best facilities.

Our professional programmes are designed in consultation with partners from business and industry. Our strong links with the private and public sectors enable us to introduce visiting lecturers whose insight and experience demonstrate at first hand how your coursework applies to the real world. We believe in creating and maintaining a culture that is inclusive, supportive and focused on success.

I. Student focus

  • Student welfare is the center of our organization
  • Making learning a joy

  • Academic excellence

  • Development of professional skills

  • Ongoing association and development

II. Strong work ethics
  • Accountability

  • Reliability

  • Integrity

  • Diligence

  • Initiative

  • Team-work

  • Helping each other succeed

  • Sharing and caring

  • Do right by all

III. Striving for excellence
  • Aim for the best

  • Plan for the long term

  • Seek the best talent and ideas

  • Constantly reach further / Continuous improvement

  • Think smart and act fast

  • Cohesion

  • Motivation

  • Quality consciousness

  • Collaboration

IV. Respect for all
  • No discrimination based on race, language, caste, creed or role

  • Treat each other with dignity

  • No job is too small

  • High level of service to each other

V. Conference Facilities The College firmly believes in providing its students exposure to national and international knowledge experts through regular national and international conferences and workshops hosted on the campus. A wide choice of modern conference facilities has been meticulously planned and incorporated in the campus.

Academic Initiatives

  • ASR endorses Congruent and Emphatic Motivation Strategies such as rewards for teachers, recognizing their research and academic excellence, and for students, recognizing their superior academic performance.
  • The Open Door Policy of the management ensures transparency in administration and boosts the confidence of the staff and students.
  • Advisory Committees ensure high standards for the academic programs and also enrich the programs with topics of current importance that suit the specific requirements of the industry and the society.
  • Periodic Quality Audits are conducted to ensure effective teaching and classroom management, efficient documentation in laboratories and judicious review of question papers.
  • Core Competence Areas are identified which, in turn, benchmarks itself with an institution of repute. This is done with an aim to develop it as a center of excellence.
  • Quality Circles consisting of faculty members and student representatives meet periodically to tackle classroom-related issues, bringing out the best in the teachers and the students and ultimately enhancing the teaching-learning process.

Grooming Students

  • Industrial Training gives exposure to students to be in tune with the industrial needs. All B. Tech. students undergo six weeks of industrial training during the summer/winter vacation as part of their curriculum.
  • Active networks are formed by student chapters of ISTE, IEEE, etc., which help students in developing their professional skills.
  • Patentable projects by the student community are actively encouraged.
  • Excellence in co-curricular and extra- curricular activities are encouraged among students to mold them into full-fledged personalities.
  • Personalized counselling and parental care are made possible, where 15 students are assigned to each faculty member, who gives personalized attention to each of them.



  • It has been the constant aim of ASR Group to incorporate features of excellence in its campus. Every effort is made to improve the existing best practices in these fields. The Management and staff at ASR take great care to ensure that the Institute serves as an exemplary role model for other educational institutions across the country. ASR group has not only accommodated these features of excellence, but it has also added value to them by matching them with the expectations of the resident student community and the staff. ASR’s position of excellence among educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh is primarily because of these unique features.

Courses Offered

PG Courses

M.Tech. - CAD/CAM
M.Tech. - Computer Science and Engineering
M.Tech. - Electronics and Communications Engineering
M.Tech. - Structural Engineering
M.Tech. - Thermal Engineering

UG Courses

 B.Tech. - Computer Science and Engineering
 B.Tech. - Electronics and Communications Engineering
 B.Tech. - Electrical and Electronics Engineering
 B.Tech. - Mechanical Engineering
 B.Tech. - Information Technology
 B.Tech. - Civil Engineering

Diploma Courses

 Diploma - Computer Science and Engineering
 Diploma - Electronics and Communications Engineering
 Diploma - Electrical and Electronics Engineering
 Diploma - Mechanical Engineering

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