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About Us


Akula Sree Ramulu group of educational institutions, a pioneer in engineering education, was started in 1977 by Late Sri Akula Sree Ramulu Founder Chairman who laid the path for the highest standards of academic excellence. Sri Akula Sree Ramulu is a proven academician, able administrator and founder chairman and has chartered the growth strategy and helped ASR group of institutions to be one of the top Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh.


To emerge as a world class technological institution in creating and disseminating knowledge, discipline and providing students a unique learning experience in Science, Technology, Engineering, Education, Management and other areas which will serve the world for betterment of mankind.


To achieve global excellence with international standards. To accomplish a process to advance knowledge in a rigorous academic environment. To attract and build people in a rewarding and inspiring environment by fostering Knowledge, Discipline, Freedom, Empowerment, Creativity and Innovation.

Setting High Standards

It has been the constant aim of ASR Group to incorporate features of excellence in its campus. Every effort is made to improve the existing best practices in these fields. The Management and staff at ASR take great care to ensure that the Institute serves as an exemplary role model for other educational institutions across the country. ASR group has not only accommodated these features of excellence, but it has also added value to them by matching them with the expectations of the resident student community and the staff. ASR’s position of excellence among educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh is primarily because of these unique features.

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